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PPC Management Packages

Google AdWords system is very sophisticated and requires serious commitment. You might think “I am doing alright” while running your PPC campaigns, but the truth is you can do a lot better than ‘alright’. That’s where our PPC experts jump in power boost your results using their experience and skills. Your satisfaction is guaranteed if you choose to hire our PPC professionals in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia by selecting any of the packages given below.

Following are some of the benefits you should expect from our PPC packages.

  • We will make the most out of your budget as we manage and fix the bidding prices.
  • We optimize your target audience and make sure your budget is not wasted on irrelevant clicks.
  • We synchronize your PPC with SEO and improve landing page experience and on-page SEO for more click troughs and more traffic to your site.
  • We save you time and money with better results.


Adwords Audit

Landing Page Creation

Search Network Campaigns

Ad Groups

Calculated Keyword Management

Budget Optmization

Precise Campaign Targeting

Creative Ad Copy

Negative Keywords Lists

Site Link Extensions

Conversion Tracking

Display Network Campaign Creation

Remarketing Campaigns Creation

Mobile Optimized Ads

Monthly Ad Spend Limit

Monthly Management Fee

One Time Set Up Fee


Up to 3

Up to 30

Up to 300




Up to $2000




Up to 6

Up to 60

Up to 600

Up to $5000




Up to 10

Up to 100

Up to 1000

Up to $10000



*Please be advised that these prices do not include any budget for running the Google Adwords. We recommend you a suitable budget for Adwords after determining you business needs, coverage/range of your services/products, your competition and target audience.