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Digital Marketing Was Never That Transparent Before.

Dedicated Monthly Sessions, Reporting on Various Stages,

Comprehensive Monthly Reports of Google Analytics

and Search Engine Ranking.

We Share All With Our Customers.

Transparency and Reporting

Transparency of our digital advertising on all stages is our top priority.  We share our strategies and methods with our customers in simple manner. We give you insight of our process and its results. We invite you to help us analyze our performance. At High Curves, every customer gets dedicated monthly sessions with his/her project manager. We explain you the process, update you with results and project a calculated forecast of our future actions. Moreover, we send you customized reports every month. Reports truthfully show our achievements.

Updating you regularly on various stages of our process is important to us. No matter if you are using Google AdWords or any of our SEO packages, there are three phases of our reporting.

Phase 1 : Planning Updates

After determining your digital marketing goals, we devise a plan. We evaluate your competition and your existing online presence. We share with you our strategy and its possible results. We also take your opinion before implementing the strategy because implementation might some involve variable cost. We take your suggestions and ideas very seriously.

Phase 2 : Process Updates

When do not leave our customers in the dark while working for them. Sending you updates in form of comprehensive reports and dedicated regular monthly sessions with you is our common practice. In these sessions, our digital marketing experts show you the achievements of our work. If there are some discrepancies, we truthfully show you the reasons and we provide a solution.

Phase 3 : Improvement Updates

We keep improving the process by refining our methods. To do that, we take your feedback and use state of the art tools to monitor your campaign performance.  Your feedback is invaluable to help improve the process. Moreover, our researcher continuously work to stay updated with digital marketing trends. We also find out industry specific trends and news and capitalize on opportunities.

What Our Reports Include?

Google Analytics: We export data from Google analytics for reporting purposes. We help you segment your customers based on their navigation patterns and page visit trends.  With the help of Google Analytic Reports, we can pass suggestions to you for website improvements and fine tune your site for better conversions.

Search Engine Ranking: Better search engine ranking of website is our ultimate goal. We send you monthly reports updating you about your site ranking against your favorite keywords. We also include keyword opportunities and keyword synonyms to present a clear picture of your website SEO performance.