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Our Digital Marketing Method

As a leading digital marketing agency in Canada we always ensure that our advertising methods fully comply with Google. We find appropriate digital marketing methods and solutions and we formulate a strategy. We use your feedback and our continuous research to improve the process. We also use state of the art tools and obtain meaningful data from your digital marketing campaigns and use the information to maximize the results for your business.

Whether its Local SEO or running Google AdWords or complete inbound marketing, we refine the process and results by filtering it through the 4 phases of our general approach.
Here are the 4 steps to understand our general method of digital marketing.

Step 1

We Find out Your Marketing Goals: Nothing satisfies us more than getting a ‘WOW’ from our customers. To do that, we have to understand what our customers want from their digital advertising. We offer free consultation and our digital marketing experts listen to your requirements. We always give professional advice after evaluating a number of factors which can influence your marketing goals. Staying honest with our clients and telling them what’s feasible and what’s is not is important. Finally, we conclude your marketing goals and divide your goals into short-term and long-term goals.

Step 2

We Find Appropriate Solutions to Meet Your Goals: Upon understanding your digital advertising goals, we recommend you suitable marketing method(s). For example, driving more calls to your business and creating a brand image of your business are two different digital marketing goals; hence, require different online tools and methods to meet them. There are times, when we recommend an integrated solution (more like a combo deals containing various marketing methods). We our approach and advice is always truthful and honest.

Step 3

We Create a Work Strategy: We evaluate your online competition and your website standings. We also consider your budget and many other small factors before starting any actual work for you. We create a suitable plan for your online marketing which focuses on achieving both short-term and long-term goals. We also share our work strategy with you and take your opinion as well. We believe in working with you, instead of working for you.

Step 4

We Continuously Improve Our Process: We use modern tools and reports with meaningful data and analyze our performance. We continue to improve our performance using your feedback and by understanding marketing trends and requirements. We ensure that your short-term marketing goals are always met. We always keep the whole process and its results very transparent to you.