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Importance of On-Page/On-Site SEO

When you Google something you want to see the relevant results. Showing the most relevant results to users is Google’s top priority. To ensure this, Google provides guideline to advertisers. Advertisers are required to build a website with user friendly interface as well as highly relevant to the target keywords.

Optimization of important elements like your web pages, titles and tags, content and overall structure of your website, with the purpose of targeting your keywords as per Google guideline is called On-site SEO. We optimize the front and back end of your website which helps create relevance with your target keywords. On-page of your website is the first filter Google uses in ranking process. On-site SEO holds as much as 30% value of the overall SEO.

Main Features of Our On-Page SEO

Unique Titles Tags: Title of your landing page the name of your landing page. It has to be unique, attractive and relevant. We create unique and proper-length title tags for your web pages.

Unique Description: Description also appears on Google search results with title and URL of your website. It’s important to convey the right message in your description. We create unique, attractive, relevant and proper-length description for all the optimized web pages of your website.

URLs of your website: We optimize the URLs of your website and ensure that they are logical and relevant.

Content Optimization: We optimize the existing content on your website to target your keywords.

Content Enhancement: We further increase the valuable content amount on your website.

Sitemap and Robots: We create Sitemaps and Robots on your website. These files help Google navigate your website easily.

Website Load Time and Errors: We ensure that your website loads quickly and we remove all the errors which increase load time and even can result in Google penalty.

On-site Blog Setup: We set up a blog page on your website as its imperative now days.

Google Search Console: We set up the Google Search Console to better communicate with Google and better optimize your website.

Google Analytics Setup: We set up Google Analytics to track and report your website traffic.

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