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Importance of Keywords in SEO

Keywords are the very foundation of SEO. You want to rank on top of Google search results every time someone searches for your services/products. To do that, you have to identify and select the right type of keywords.

If your keywords are too broad and competitive, you might want to wait for ages before getting ranked on Google first page or getting ranked at all.

If your keywords are not highly relevant to your services and to your website, you cannot rank on Google at all.

If your keywords are relevant to your services but are not what mostly consumers type to search for your services, you will not get the traffic and business you want.

It’s very important to have your website SEO based on the most relevant and highly searched keywords to get the optimal results.

Benefits of Our Keyword Research and Selection

  • We figure out feasible short term and long term targets for your website SEO with the right selection of keyword.
  • We find the most relevant and highly searched keywords for your website SEO.
  • We progressively evaluate the traffic volume generated by each and every keyword and we accordingly adjust our SEO strategy for optimal results.
  • We constantly evaluate search trends and search for keyword opportunities.
  • We monitor your keywords’ performance. Based on that we improve your website performance by optimizing and increasing content on your website.

Our Method

Short Term and Long Term Targets: If you are starting SEO from scratch and you have little or no Organic presence, we choose keywords having moderate competition and yet good search volume; this is to rank you quickly and to build solid SEO foundation.

Our long term target is mostly to rank you with keywords which are broad and most searched. This is also to give you coverage over more and more areas. Please note that we start work simultaneously on both short term and long term keywords.

Content Optimization and Enhancement: We optimize and enhance content of your website according to selected keywords.

Evaluation of Keyword Performance: We evaluate your keyword performance and modify the SEO if needed.

Bonus Keywords: We always start by working on a list of selected keywords. Since Google ranks content and not websites, you may get good ranking with so many keywords which are not form the selected list. We name these out-of-the-list keywords as bonus keywords. We capitalize on this opportunity and filter out highly ranked bonus keywords and modify our SEO accordingly.

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