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Google AdWords Management

Google Adwords also known as pay per-click advertisement (PPC) is one of the coolest digital marketing methods. A well optimized PPC campaign helps you achieve your digital marketing goals. Whether you want to get more leads, or you want to create brand awareness; managing Google Ads is a full time job.

Why do you need a professional to manage your Adwords?

AdWords system is very sophisticated and complex especially when you want to achieve maximum results. Google price your ads depending on the keywords and average monthly search volume, your landing page experience, marketing trends, competition, the type of ad format you use and many other minute factors. Moreover, you have to keep optimizing your campaigns regularly by monitoring reports and results. It’s a full time job. Google ads in Australia are getting aggressive by the day and to keep up with the competition requires some serious efforts and commitment.

At High Curves, our Google AdWords certified professionals are proficient and hold a lot of experience. We help you set your marketing goals, and we achieve the goals for you while you concentrate on your business.

Our Process

Though our process contains many phases and each phase has multiple layers, here are some main phases of our PPC management services.

We Audit Your Campaigns

Depending on your advertising goals, you should be advertising with the right type campaign and on the right type of network. Mostly, that’s not the case. We perform a complete audit on your campaigns and find loopholes and discrepancies. We fix all the gaps and leaks and even rearrange your campaigns according to your advertising goals.

We Target Your Prospective Customers

One of the beautiful features of AdWords is that we can target demographically and we can further narrow down our advertising to target a specific group of people. We ensure maximum ROI by reaching to those potential prospects who are a perfect match for your products/services.

We Optimize Your Campaigns

We keep analyzing your Google ads performance using multiple tools and reports. We optimize your campaigns regularly and ensure maximum results. We make sure that our actions are always directed toward achieving your advertising goals. For example, we optimize your landing pages and your budget. We also evaluate the keywords and add negative keywords.

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