Value of Local Search Results / Google Map Listing

Google Local Search results, also known as Google My Business/ Map listings are very common results which we see, at front and center of the Google page with organic results. Google map listing is essentially helpful and effective these days, as more and more people use mobile devices and search on the go. What people want while using a mobile phone or tablet is a very user friendly interface that lets them do what they want to do with minimum effort.

As per an extensive research carried out by some of the major marketing agencies on online search behavior of people, a vast majority of people normally spent little to no time on reading stuff especially when they intend to buy something. They looked for quick options and were more inclined toward using call to action buttons and engaging their sights on visual and non-textual media.

Whatever your digital marketing goals are, whether you want to attract more traffic and business or you want to create brand awareness; business opportunities in your local niche cannot be compromised. That’s why you normally wouldn’t see a business doing exceptionally well globally or nationally without being well recognized locally.

Google map listing help boost your website local traffic and business because of its user friendly interface, its credibility and multiple compelling options it offers which in fact people want to quickly see.

Benefits of Google Map Listing

Visual Presentation: Attractive pictures of your business give a visual presentation to users and uniqueness of your business can be immediately explained through these images.

Call to Action Buttons: People can reach you easily right at their finger prints. Your website, calling option and direction to your business come in form of clickable buttons which entice users to take an action.

Address and Business Timings:  Local search results provide quick and important information about your business timing, address and contact number right below call to action buttons.

Your business Reviews: Your business reviews are displayed to people right on the front. Your happy customers do the selling for you.

High Curves can rank your website in Google Places with ease. We have the tools, expertise and experience to outrank your competition and provide you the all important Google places front page presence.

Our Local SEO Service

Our local SEO services include the following features

Local Citation: We will get your website listed on local citations.

Google My Business profile Optimization:  Our experts will optimize your Google places profile as per our best practice and Google guidelines.

Evolution of Local competition: We evaluate your local competition and devise a strategy to outrank your competition.

Online Reviews: We monitor your online reviews and uses technique to earn you more and more positive reviews.

Local SEO Aiming Google Places: We perform search engine optimization aiming locally to boost your Google places ranking.

Premium Directory Submissions: We list you’re your profile and website on premium (paid) local directories.

Check out our SEO packages and rank your business in Google map listing and organic results.


SEO Packages


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