Future of Digital Marketing for Australian Entrepreneurs

Future of Digital Marketing for Australian Entrepreneurs

Shifting to Australian market from United States or Canada could be a whole new and much existing experience for any digital marketing agency. There are many reasons but the single ultimate standpoint is much less competition and far bigger opportunities for advertisers.

Let me explain it.

If you are a new entrepreneur and want to set up your website, the first thing is selecting a business name that’s easily memorable and also not very long tail. Generally, there are two approaches when you select a name especially when you want to build a website and advertise it. Either you go with a meaningful idea like attaching any common word with your industry specific terms or you simply go with a name which is your industry specific terms. In both cases, the best practice for selecting a domain name would be to find words which are easily memorable and common. This is to create a brand image with lesser efforts and also be remembered by your potential prospects.

Now coming to the subject why it’s easier to advertise in Australia as compared to United States or Canada.

For someone living in Toronto let’s say operating as a roofing contractor wanting to set up a new website, it’s almost impossible to find any good domain name containing any relevant words related with roofing (roofing contractors, roofers, roofing company etc) and location name ‘Toronto’. For example, if you search roofingcompanytorontodotcom or roofinggurusdotcom, you will not find the domain. I hope you are getting me. However, if you are living in Brisbane and you do the same, you will easily find a lot of domain name options which are easily memorable and also nice for creating a brand image. This is one-clear evidence that Australian online market is not as saturated as of Canada or USA. There are many such technical reasons to this discussion.

The million dollar question is, what would be the future of a business wanting to capitalize on the opportunities such as smaller online competition? And the answer is, Great. For those Australian businessmen who understand the importance of digital marketing and seriously practicing it now, the future is great for them. They are the big shots of future as long as continue to comply with Google guideline and work with professionals.

Here are some things you would want to consider while advertising online.

Studies and surveys have proven that a single digital advertising method is never as lucrative and effective as an integrated model of advertising. A right combination of Google ads and search engine optimization (SEO) is a perfect recipe of getting the most out of Google. But certainly you wouldn’t want to attract just eyeballs and traffic; you also want to increase your conversions and ROI. For that, your website has to be very attractive and helpful to its visitors. It covers design and site architecture. Quality of content both on and off your site matters a lot. Your content must be highly relevant and very interesting to its readers. We have to understand content from pure marketing standpoint.  People don’t read content, they only read what they find interesting; sometimes, it’s your content. Moreover, content should always be written complying with Google demands so it also adds value to your SEO and overall advertising. If content is the engine of your digital marketing then social media is its fuel. No engine runs without fuel. You also have to position your content to readers and promoters to drive more traffic to your site. Social media is the very platform for this purpose.

In a nutshell, for any entrepreneur in Australia sniffing the opportunities and wanting to capitalize on them, the best practice would be to consult with a professional digital marketing agency. At this moment, Australia is like heaven for serious and committed advertisers considering the future is bright. Entrepreneurs can become enterprises in a short span with the right marketing tools. Australian entrepreneurs advertising online today have a great chance to be the benchmark and trend setters in coming 5 years.

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