6 Killer Tips for Creating a Successful Newsletter Campaign

 Creating a Successful Newsletter Campaign – Tips

Though digital marketing world is flooded with a number of online marketing methods having their own perks, there are actually some very traditional methods that still work. A newsletter campaign is one of them. Newsletter campaigns are superlatively effective when it comes to re-targeting and relationship marketing. Besides many speculations about email marketing losing its charm in coming years, in all fairness it’s still a very productive method for attracting and retaining customers; provided if crafted impeccably.

You would require some skills and experience to create a great campaign. Please read and learn from our experience.

6 Killer Tips for Creating a Successful Newsletter Campaign

1) Audience Targeted Campaigns

Choose your audience wisely. You don’t want to send one email with one particular message to every one of your subscribers. In addition to that, email messages should contain content that is valuable and relevant to your audience.  Mainly, the information that you add to your emails must be focused on how you can help your readers solve problems and satisfy their needs.

2) Catchy Subject Line

Time is a valuable asset. An appealing subject line will help to determine whether it gets read or ignored. We have to think this out from marketing prospective. People read only what interests them. Your subject line is the first thing they lay their eyeballs on. Make it catchy and interesting. Just don’t sound greedy or fake. Make it interesting and relevant enough so they click on it.

3) Think Mobile

People are on the go all the time these days. Smart-phones and tablets are what they use when they walk and talk. In fact more than 60% searches are performed on mobile devices.  Plain text is not a mobile user’s thing. A blend of text and graphics works best. Keep your email size reasonable so it works with both mobile and desktop users.

4) Call to Action Buttons

Make your call to action visible and tangible. Buttons are highly valuable because you will want to lead your prospects/customers step by step. Because you cannot provide all the information in one email, you will want your readers to access more information through little information you provide. Call to action buttons play pivotal role in getting conversions.  Also ensure that your buttons lead to highly relevant landing page with super user friendly interface.

5) A Little bit of Selling

Make people learn about your product and services and create right content for your audience. Build their trust by sharing real life examples, info graphics or tutorials. Including price and promotions is also a good idea to keep your customers and prospects in buying cycle.

6) Track and Analyze Your Results

In order to keep optimizing your newsletter campaigns, you will want to keep a track of your newsletters’ performance. Make it a number game. Analyze the data, segment your audience and optimize your campaigns accordingly to drive maximum results.


Newsletter campaigns can be created very easily using some great free email marketing platforms. Mailchimp provides an easy and useful free email campaign creation tool. You can design campaigns using different formats and templates. Moreover, Mailchimp allows you analyze your data by segmenting your audience. All in all, it’s a great platform for creating and managing free newsletter campaigns.

Hoping you find this write helpful, you can also consult with our email marketing experts and professional authors. We happily offer free consultation for your all types of digital marketing needs and certainly can help you make a better email marketing plan.

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